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To My Dear FriendThe Art of Friendship

Written by Deirdre Shupe

Illustrated by Karen Burton

“This book warms the soul and feels like a beautiful hug. It’s a bouquet of emotions wrapped in the loveliest words and the most gorgeous illustrations. Every page is meaningful and memorable. How wonderful to share this book with the world! [Dee and Karen] are a magical team!”

Salli S. Swindell, Illustrator and Co-Founder of TheyDraw and Illustrators For Hire

Planting Gardens on the Moon

Written by Aliyah Jackson

Illustrated by Karen Burton

Planting Gardens on the Moon is the first full length poetry collection by Aliyah Jackson. It centers around themes of depression, isolation, and the uncertainties behind the refuge in religion, spirituality and interpersonal relationships.

In Planting Gardens on the Moon, Aliyah Jackson tills the fertile soil of her experiences, her fears, and the quiet that eludes her mind to expose it to the light. With no words wasted, each poem is like its own vignette where you are sure to find the details of your own journey.”

Esteban Colon, ’18-’19 Kenosha Poet Laureate, Author of Hell Creek and Things I Learned the Hard Way

High View Studio Press, an imprint of High View Studio, is an independent publisher based in Paeonian Springs, Virginia. Our vision is to showcase and promote books that inspire and entertain. Also offered are the works of artist Karen Burton – providing illustration and design services for select creative projects.

Hello! I am Karen Burton, an artist, designer and photographer. I am lucky to live and create atop a hillside in northern Virginia – near Washington, DC – with a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. I am inspired by the changing seasons, sunsets, flowers and wildlife unique to this area.”